Louis Vuitton Favorite MM Review

During the summer of last year, I realized how much I needed a versatile and comfortable crossbody bag. Daniel and I were preparing for a vacation trip to Miami and I was going over the itinerary to decide what outfits and accessories to pack. It was then that I wished I had a small bag to wear to the museums, dinners, and dancing dates.

Favorite MM

I’ve always been a big purse girl. I love the look and feel of a larger bag as well as the ability to heft a bunch of stuff with me. But after months of research and reading, I decided to give the LV Favorite MM a try.  I’ve had the LV Neverfull MM for two years, and I just knew that I really wanted another LV – it’s iconic, extremely durable, holds value, and comes with incredible customer service. So I happily made the trip out to The Houston Galleria to purchase my bag.

And it turned out everyone else wanted the bag too because there was a waitlist. I put myself on the list for the Damier Ebène and not so patiently waited for almost a month until I finally got her! (I got on the waitlist during the holidays, so that may have added to the waiting time). It was well worth the wait and I absolutely love the bag!

Favorite MM Cons:

  1. I have noticed the golden plate on the front gets easily scratched. The scratches are from the short chain moving across the plate when worn in front of the bag. Personally, I believe the plate is no big deal, unless you are really picky and scrutinize every hairline scratch on your hardware.
  2. It often is on the waitlist. There is clearly a demand for it.

Favorite MM Pros:

  1. Very spacious – it fits my full size wallet in, my iPhone 8 Plus, my MAC compact powder, and a lipstick very comfortably. If I use a smaller wallet or card holder, I can fit so much more.
  2. Multiple carry: hand, wrist, shoulder or crossbody. The long leather strap is removable and the short golden color chain is detachable on one end, easy to be tucked away while using the longer leather strap.
  3. Versatile – she looks casual during the day but dressy at night with the golden color chain!
  4. Flap bag with a strong magnetic closure. The flap does stay closed! I have zero issues with the magnet.

I’ve had the LV Favorite MM for almost 5 months now and I wear it every chance I get. It’s definitely one of my favorite bags. What’s your most loved purse?

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