My Maid of Honor Speech

Today is one of the most important days in my life. It’s the day I get to witness and celebrate the union of one of my dearest friends, Sindy, and the love of her life, Anderson. I also have the privilege of giving a maid of honor speech. Here’s what I wrote for the beautiful couple:

Hello everyone!

I’m Brisehyda Martinez, Sindy’s maid of honor. It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to share some words today. I want everyone to know how much I love Sindy, and how proud I am to be part of her bridesmaids and one of her best friends.

Dear Sindy,

I cannot believe that today is the big day … The day I had the privilege of seeing you walking towards the altar to take an incredible step in your life, and the day when my eyes filled with tears as I felt an indescribable happiness for someone who is part of my heart and the small family that we decide to have in our life despite not sharing the same blood… I speak of friends. Unconditional and faithful gifts that life gives us, it is a joy for me to celebrate with you today.

Recently someone told me: “There are thousands of men in the world compatible with you.” I really felt frustrated by this statement, but after analyzing it a bit I understood that this is very true. There are many people compatible to us in the world, but the real wonder begins when WE CHOOSE to be forever with only one of those people, and most importantly when that person is the one that God made especially for each one of us.

It makes me extremely happy to know that you will be sharing your life with a man completely in love, a man who loves every part of you intensely and expresses it without fear.

I looked forward to seeing you wearing that beautiful dress from the day you told me you were getting married. And it was a joy to see you during the ceremony, walking towards that pair of lively and happy eyes that Anderson has only when he looks at you.

Sindy and Anderson,

Today, you have given all of us this perfect gift, the pleasure of seeing you smile together. And for that reason I say THANK YOU! Thanks for this union, which also draws smiles on the faces of everyone here today.

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