Tulle Skirts!

Even though it’s been 13 years since the Sex and the City series ended, I recently binge-watched the six seasons (a total of 94 episodes) in a little over a month! I also went ahead and watched the two movies, which I had never seen before. I will write a review on this show on a different blog post, but one of the main reasons I enjoy watching this series is Carrie’s vision for style and taste in fashion.

I’ve learned the following three things from Carrie Bradshaw:

  • You can’t underestimate the power of a fabulous pair of shoes.
  • You must wear every outfit with attitude.
  • The possibilities and options to put together a tulle skirt outfit are endless!

The third one is what inspired me to recreate one of Carrie’s looks. Here I share with you some photos and recommendations on where to find the clothing items and accessories I’m wearing:


DSC_0213 (1)


I totally fell in love when I received the order with the aqua tulle skirt. The quality and style is absolutely perfect so I couldn’t resist the temptation to order another one in a different color. I opted for a black skirt. It’s easy to match and great for any season of the year. Here are two ideas on how to wear a black tulle skirt:


DSC_0095 (1)


DSC_0086 (1)

DSC_0071 (1)

  • I’ve met many people who find turtlenecks uncomfortable, but no worries! Any brown long-sleeved top or sweater will do.
  • Tulle Skirt from Amazon
  • Black Heels by Aldo
  • Any clutch in shades of brown or black would look pretty.

A tulle skirt is ALWAYS a great idea!

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