Open Letter To My Boyfriend Who Moved Away

Dear Daniel,

You have moved away and I am sad. Very sad. There is an emptiness inside me that I can’t explain. Something I’ve never felt before. My heart literally hurts.

I know you’re sad for us too. The coming 18 months will be quite different.

I’m here. Same place where you met me. I will be here and life will keep moving forward, as it always has, as it always will. There will be many dinners, events, runs, friends’ nights, family reunions that you cannot be here for because you’re far away. This will make me very sad. I’ll try to be strong and not tell you too often.  I don’t want to hold you back.

Dear Daniel, nothing in your new world will be quite like it is here. For one, because I am not there ;). Everything will be different. And yet…

And yet.

So much will be the same.

In your new world are places and lives that are ready to be better because you will be there. Somewhere in that town is a young kid who needs a tutor, a coworker who needs a mentor, a supervisor who needs a hardworking mentee, a homeless person who needs some words of encouragement, a widow – a friend – who needs you. They need your positive energy and your laughter. Someone to have coffee with, someone to trust, someone to go on a run with, someone to learn from. They need you.

And I know this because that was me. When I thought I was complete and ready to take on the world, I met you. And realized I needed you to be truly complete. You became my best friend, my science tutor, my supporter, my personal trainer, my running partner, my lover….. my soulmate.

Everything will be different, but so much will be the same because you will continue to impact people’s lives with your presence, with your friendly personality, your great sense of humor, your intelligence and willingness to coach others, your love for nature, your loving and caring heart, your success driven mindset and all the qualities that make you the wonderful human being you are.

Everything will be different, but so much will be the same because you will continue to work hard to reach your goals and become a better person.

Everything will be different, but so much will be the same because you will stay in my heart and my prayers every single day.

So much will be the same because whether we’re five miles apart or thousands of miles apart, I will still miss you every second you’re not with me.

I admit I’m selfishly upset to know I won’t get to see you as often as I want to. I know that I will miss you horribly and secretly pray that you come back sooner. But in the meantime, my heart is at peace because I know there are people who are waiting for you there. And when you find them, I hope they realize they have met an amazing person with the most beautiful heart.

I know we will stay in touch on a daily basis. Thank God for technology! …  I expect a lot of text messages, phone calls, video calls and photos.

And I will pray for you every day because I know this job opportunity is what you’ve been wanting since you graduated college. I’ll pray to God that you keep that smile and great attitude when new challenges come your way, I’ll pray to God that He gives you the strength to overcome any situation, I’ll pray to God that He blesses you with countless learning experiences and memorable life events and I’ll pray to God that you become more successful than you already are.

Until the time when we call the same city our home, wherever we are.

I love you!

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